Claim 1: “America’s environmental record is one of the strongest in the world and the U.S. has also been a world leader in reducing carbon emissions for over a decade…”

America’s emissions reduction has taken place in spite of Trump. Under Trump’s administration, 25 regulations related to air pollution and emissions have been, or are being, rolled back. This includes revoking California’s power to set its own emission standards for vehicles and loosening a rule designed to limit toxic emissions from major industrial polluters. Furthermore, Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement ceded America’s place as a world leader in any area of environmental reform.

Claim 2: "Trump has paved the way for more energy infrastructure development."

But at what cost? Trump has ignored the environmental consequences of fossil fuels, rolling back over 95 environmental protections in order to permit the exploration of shale, oil, and natural gas reserves. For example, Trump has focused on promoting the coal industry, which Obama targeted during his administration in an attempt to combat climate change. The air pollution from coal plants, among much else, is responsible for 42 percent of US mercury emissions, which can damage the nervous, digestive, and immune systems, and is a serious threat to childrens’ development. At stake is the quality of our air, our water, and our food. Once again, Trump has put immediate growth over long-term wellbeing.