Claim 1: “President Trump asked for nothing in exchange for lethal military aid to Ukraine. He didn’t tie the aid to any actions by the Ukrainians.”

President Trump released a transcript of his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in September. The phone call revealed that, immediately after the Ukrainian president requested military aid, Trump asked Zelensky to “do us a favor” and investigate his political opponent, Joe Biden. Furthermore, recently released emails show that 90 minutes after this phone call, the White House budget office ordered the suspension of all military aid that Congress had allocated to Ukraine.

Claim 2: "The Ukrainian president didn’t know the aid was under any delay."

Though there are conflicting reports as to when exactly Zelensky learned of the delayed aid, his knowledge of the aid’s status is secondary. The fact remains that the President of the United States, in his official capacity, asked the Ukrainian president to investigate a political rival.

Claim 3: “To top it off, under President Obama, Ukraine never received this kind of lethal military aid AT ALL.”

Although the Obama administration did not provide arms to Ukraine, it did commit over $120 million in security assistance, a large sum which provided for many of the same items as Trump’s $250 million in aid. The real question is: if Trump was so proud and insistent that he provided lethal military aid, why did he ever halt it? The corruption to which the president pointed as the reason for suspending the aid has long existed in Ukraine but didn’t seem to bother Trump originally.

Claim 4: "Impeaching President Trump has been all that Democrats can think of since day one."

Sure, there were politicians who wanted Trump impeached from the onset, but the notion that this has always been the Democrats’ plan is false. Democrats were wary of pursuing impeachment for political reasons; they recognized that the Clinton impeachment boosted his support and that the party would be much better off beating Trump in 2020. But when the news of Trump’s deal with Ukraine broke, Democrats had no choice but to pursue impeachment or violate their oath to protect and defend the Constitution.