Claim 1: “Thanks to President Trump, China has agreed to many structural changes and massive purchases of agriculture, and energy, and other products and manufactured goods, plus a whole lot more.”

The US-China trade war resulted in higher prices for consumers and hurt American farmers because China is the biggest buyer of many U.S. agricultural products. It is estimated, for example, that Trump’s tariffs cost U.S. businesses $3.4 billion just in June of 2019. And for what? A recent agreement between the two countries reached in early December increased Chinese purchases of American farm and energy products, but did little to address the major concerns about China’s trade practices that initiated the trade war in the first place.

Claim 2: “He also renegotiated a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada – called USMCA – to replace the outdated, unfair NAFTA deal.”

The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement recently passed in the House of Representatives after Democrats modified the legislation to strengthen environmental protection and labor standards. Though the deal originated with Trump, Democrats improved it significantly.