Claim 1: “The unemployment rate for all America has reached a 50-year low. And that includes incredible, historically low unemployment rates for Women, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and Veterans.”

While it is true that the unemployment rate for minorities has decreased under the Trump Administration, this fact does not mitigate the less quantifiable harm caused by his racist rhetoric. He has made America safe for white supremacists and bigots, the effects of which cannot be underestimated. Additionally, although unemployment rates are low, wages have grown slower than overall economic output under Trump, consistent with wage growth prior to the Trump tax cuts and falling short of Trump’s promise of $4,000-$9,000 wage growth annually.

Claim 2: “The First Step Act helped people being released from prison, 90% of whom are black.”

The First Step Act was indeed an important first step toward the reduction of federal prison populations. Although there is an overwhelming amount of work left to be done in attacking the problem of mass incarceration at its roots, this bipartisan effort represented progressive reform, albeit moderate. This success was a notable deviation from Trump’s criminal justice policies; he has spent most of his time in office reversing Obama-era progress on criminal justice. For example, he has doubled spending on private prisons and decreased federal oversight of state and local police forces.